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IRC support channel is #deaded on irc.quakenet.org

12.08.2008 PPF 0.6 release - complete package with core and plugins
Another all-in-one release to get some of the latest changes out. Some minor improvements to the core, a few bugs fixes and updates in some plugins and a few new plugins.

New plugins: AutoOp, GeeklogSearch, Introduction, InviteBot, Jaiku, LDAPQuery, One, PieSpy, Pug, ServerAdminManager

Updated plugins: Advertiser, CBFinder, ComicBot, FeedReader, JMegaHalAI, Log, Roulette, ServerAdminHelper, ServerAdminHelperHL2, ServerAuth, ServerQuery, Tell, TinyUrl
The move to an OSGi based system has been played around with a bit and realised that it means much bigger changes to existing plugins than previously thought so we're going slow and careful and exploring the possibilities that using OSGi brings.
08.04.2007 PPF 0.5 release - complete package with core and plugins
There have been a whole load of changes since the previous version (and way too much time gone as well). So here is a release of everything so far - check over the docs and see what is available. Updates to config files will have to be made manually (both core and plugin configs). Things will be changing even more for the next release as well. There have been some great contributions and help over the last year and even though not everything is polished, it really is time to make an all-in-one release available. Hope you like it. To chat with most of the developers, ask questions or whatever then #deaded on irc.quakenet.org will usually have someone around (just bring a little patience with you ;))

There are also going to be some changes from this point on. We are going to change the PPF system to use the OSGi framework. The change impact on the existing plugins will be minimal (but of course some effort will be needed to migrate). This development will go on in SVN rather than CVS (where the current PPF system will remain for now). Documentation will also change away from the existing static xml docs to something else ... probably a Wiki based system. This will hopefully encourage a little more user and developer interaction and make plugin updates and additions to the core system easier and as it was intended (and not one big release containing everything). The current dev team are quite excited about these changes and everyone is looking forward to working on the all new, improved, streamlined, super duper, PPF! :)
03.09.2004 Plugin release: ServerAuth v1.1
14.08.2004 Plugin release: ComicBot v1.1
01.08.2004 PPF 0.4 windows installers are now available from the download page thanks to Cadoc. It comes in 2 flavours, a smaller installer with just the bot files and a larger installer with the bot files and the Java Runtime if you don't already have Java installed.
31.07.2004 There is now a Flash demo available of how to use the PPF Config GUI. There is a Demos section added to the menu with this demo, with more to be added in the future. (now removed - 2007)
05.07.2004 PPF 0.4 released! First version with full user documentation and plugin developer documentation
05.07.2004 Finished the documentation for PPF 0.4 and all plugins. Developer oriented documentation has also been added.
06.06.2004 Created these pages with the Apache Forrest tool