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ComicBot (v1.3)



Creates cartoons based on funny channel messages.

When the plugin recognises that someone has said anything in an IRC channel which others find amusing, it creates a cartoon based on the funny channel messages.

This is a modified version of the ComicBot by Jibbler.


The configuration file for this plugin is system/ComicBot/ComicBotConfig.xml


Specifies in which directory the cartoons shall be created. Infact it will create one sub directory per channel in the directory specified by outputDirectory parameter. If default value 'comics' is kept, the cartoons will be created under the comics sub directory to your PPF installation directory. If you want to use another directory, please specify the full path to the directory, e.g. /opt/funstuff/comics on Linux/Unix or c:/funstuff/comics on Windows. If the comics directory does not exists, PPF will automatically create it for you.




When a new cartoon has been generated with funny messages from a channel, PPF will announce the cartoon creation to that channnel. With this parameter, you can determine how PPF shall start the announcement.

      <createdMessage>New comic created</createdMessage>



There is an option to have the cartoons automatically uploaded to a webserver using FTP if you would like to share the cartoons with the other people.

  • enable - YES, NO
  • ip - Your FTP server's hostname or IP address
  • port - Your FTP server's port number. Keep 21 for most installations
  • username - A valid FTP server account
  • password - A valid FTP server password
  • dir - The remote directory where to copy the cartoons

    <upload enable="no">
      <ftp ip="ftp.yoursite.com" port="21" username="username" password="password" dir=""/>



If uploading cartoons to a FTP server, you may want to tell the channel users which URL they can watch the cartoons. This is what the viewingURL parameter is for. The viewing URL is also appended to the createdMessage if you have turned upload on. A showFilename attribute can be used to specify if the cartoon filename shall be included in the channel message. Most installations will probably keep the default value of TRUE for showFilename. If you have created a web application which by itself can determine the filename of latest cartoon, or if you want to use directory listing capabilities on your webserver, you can set showFilename to FALSE.

  • showFilename - TRUE, FALSE

      <viewingURL showFilename="true">http://www.yoursite.com/path/</viewingURL>



The plugin determines which channel messages that are considered to be funny by comparing channel messages to a set of pre-defined triggers.




There are no user commands for this plugin at this time.

This plugin is currently controlled from the config file only.

Change History

v1.3 Saved pathname works better on other platforms, and colours and formatting are taken away from messages that are used in the strips
v1.2 Added extra config for showing comic created message or not
v1.1 Added data directory containing the comic strips images and ini files. Fixed directory names created to always be done in lowercase
v1.0 First Version by DeadEd