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ServerAdminHelper (v1.2)



This plugin gets the log stream from a HL or HL2 server and reports any chat messages that contain one of the configured trigger words, like 'admin' or 'cheat'.

The plugin does the same as the ServerAdminHelperHL2 plugin, except that it also supports HL(1) servers. You could also use the ServerAdminHelperHL2 plugin to watch a HL server, but you'd need to manually issue the logaddress_add RCON command.


The configuration file for this plugin is system/ServerAdminHelper/ServerAdminHelperConfig.xml

Channel and Game Servers

This is where you define the default IRC channel the bot should report to and the game servers to be watched.

For each server you need to specify:

  • type currently supported: HL, HL2.
  • name the name to be displayed along with the chat message.
  • IP the server's IP or hostname.
  • queryPort the server's query port.
  • logPort the port on which the bot will be listening to the server's log stream.
  • rconPassword the - you guessed it - RCON password.
  • channel (optional) the IRC channel to report to. If omitted the default channel will be used.

  <servers channel="#mytest">
    <server type="hl2" name="My Test Server" ip="" queryPort="27015" logPort="28888" rconPassword="pass" channel=""/>
    <server type="hl" name="My 2nd Test Server" ip="" queryPort="27016" logPort="28889" rconPassword="pass" channel=""/>



This is where you define the parts of a chat message, that trigger reporting to IRC. For example if you have a trigger 'admin', any players' chat messages containing 'admin' will be reported to the configured IRC channel.



Message Format

This is where you define how the reported message should be formatted. The format string is a piece of text containing substitution variables, which will be replaced by their corresponding values.

Supported substitution variables are: $server, $player, $message, $BLUE, $BOLD, $BROWN, $CYAN, $DARK_BLUE, $DARK_GRAY, $DARK_GREEN, $GREEN, $LIGHT_GRAY, $MAGENTA, $NORMAL, $OLIVE, $PURPLE, $RED, $REVERSE, $TEAL, $UNDERLINE, $WHITE, $YELLOW.

  <message>$DARK_GREEN[$server]$DARK_GREEN $BOLD$player$BOLD: $message</message>


Local IP

You only need this setting when your bot is behind a NAT gateway or router or on systems with more than one IP.

Here you define which IP should be sent to the server as the receiving address for the log stream.





Change History

v1.2 DeadEd: names can include $ now
v1.1 First Version by jawe, derived from the ServerAdminHelperHL2 plugin.