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ServerAdminHelperHL2 (v1.3)



This plugin gets the log stream from a HL2 server and reports any chat messages that contain one of the configured trigger words, like 'admin' or 'cheat'. Additionally it allows bot users with sufficient privileges to send 'server say' messages to the players.


The configuration file for this plugin is system/ServerAdminHelperHL2/ServerAdminHelperConfigHL2.xml


Currently there is one command, for sending 'server say' messages to the players. This is the default RCON say command, if you want different commands for your configured servers, you can add them to the corresponding server element - see below.

    <commandRconSay authLevel="trusted">!say</commandRconSay>


Channel and Game Servers

This is where you define the default IRC channel the bot should report to and the game servers to be watched.

For each server you need to specify:

  • name the name to be displayed along with the chat message.
  • IP the server's IP or hostname.
  • queryPort the server's query port.
  • logPort the port on which the bot will be listening to the server's log stream.
  • rconPassword the - you guessed it - RCON password.
  • channel (optional) the IRC channel to report to. If omitted the default channel will be used.

If you want different 'server say' commands for each server, you can add a commandRconSay element inside the server element. If omitted the default commandRconSay will be used.

  <servers channel="#mytest">
    <server name="My Test Server" ip="" queryPort="27015" logPort="28888" rconPassword="pass" channel=""/>
    <server name="My 2nd Test Server" ip="" queryPort="27016" logPort="28889" rconPassword="pass" channel="">
        <commandRconSay authLevel="trusted">!say2</commandRconSay>



This is where you define the parts of a chat message, that trigger reporting to IRC. For example if you have a trigger 'admin', any players' chat messages containing 'admin' will be reported to the configured IRC channel.



Message Format

This is where you define how the reported message should be formatted. The format string is a piece of text containing substitution variables, which will be replaced by their corresponding values.

Supported substitution variables are: $server, $player, $message, $BLUE, $BOLD, $BROWN, $CYAN, $DARK_BLUE, $DARK_GRAY, $DARK_GREEN, $GREEN, $LIGHT_GRAY, $MAGENTA, $NORMAL, $OLIVE, $PURPLE, $RED, $REVERSE, $TEAL, $UNDERLINE, $WHITE, $YELLOW.

  <message>$DARK_GREEN[$server]$DARK_GREEN $BOLD$player$BOLD: $message</message>


Auto detect IP

This will try to figure out what your real world IP is to be used when requesting the logs to be sent to the bot. You can turn this off and set local-ip (below) with the actual address if you would rather do so or are having any problems with the auto-detect



Local IP

You only need this setting when your bot is behind a NAT gateway or router or on systems with more than one IP.

Here you define which IP should be sent to the server as the receiving address for the log stream.




RCON say

Command: !say
Description: Sends a message to all players
Auth Level: trusted
Where to give command: channel
Outputs to: game server

  • !say hi there
  • !say big brother is watching you

Change History

v1.3 DeadEd: Added auto detection of IP if a site local or loopback address was found by. Added support for showing IRC !say senders nick as a prefix to the message
v1.2 DeadEd: added commandRconSay
v1.1 First Published Version by DeadEd.