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Quick Start Guide


Starting up ... ?

As long as you have installed Java properly, you can just run the start scripts (PPF.bat or PPF.sh). The bot should start by loading some plugins and give some output to the console, with the last few lines looking something like this:

19:25:16,359  INFO [main] PluginManager:158 - [EddiesBot] Plugin loaded: Say
19:25:16,390  INFO [main] PluginManager:158 - [EddiesBot] Plugin loaded: BFTracks
19:25:16,390  INFO [main] PluginManager:158 - [EddiesBot] Plugin loaded: EDFinder
19:25:16,406  INFO [main] PluginManager:158 - [EddiesBot] Plugin loaded: Translate1337
19:25:16,421  INFO [main] PluginManager:158 - [EddiesBot] Plugin loaded: FAQ
You really should read the Quick Start Guide documentation all the way through!
Press any key to continue . . .

And that is why you are now here ... so please read on ...

A lot of time and effort has been spent by the developers to create the information for you to be able to use to configure and run your bot and the plugins, so please appreciate that effort and at least browse the documentation before asking how to do something that is clearly stated within the documentation. Of course, not everything possible will have been covered in the docs and we all welcome questions and suggestions that will help improve the system and documentation.

Editing the config

The main config file is named PPFConfig.xml and is located under PPF-0.5/system/PPF. It is in XML format, but don't let that scare you as any text editor will do just fine to edit it ... or even the config editor GUI which you can start up by running the config.bat or config.sh.

Using the config editor

Start the config editor, choose the Plugins tab and select the Die plugin. Press the Edit ... button and a dialog will appear ...

Plugins dialog

Select the Load at startup checkbox to turn it off, which will stop the plugin from running when the bot is started. Press OK, then press Save, followed by Quit.

Using a text editor

Edit the config file (PPFConfig.xml) with you prefered text editor. Find the Die plugin config:

<plugin load="yes">


Change the load to no so that it looks like this:

<plugin load="no">


Save the modified config file, you have now set that the Die plugin won't be run when the bot starts.

Starting up ... for real

So now you can run the bot system and expect something more to happen - it will connect to the configured IRC server and configured channels. If you do not edit anything else in the config and run the start script again then the bot will attempt to join irc.quakenet.org and channel #deaded. By allowing it to do this, you can verify that everything is working fine before you start to configure more of the bot system yourself.

Customising the bot

Now that you have everything working, you can start to customise the bot to your own needs. The documentation needed is included in the download PPF-0.5/docs/index.html. This contains the User Guide for information about the core of the bot. Notice the Plugins and Developers sections as well. The Plugins section contains a page entry for every plugin available for your bot that describe briefly what the plugin does and how to configure it. The Developers section is intended for those people that wish to write their own plugins.

We all hope that you find the bot system and its plugins useful and fun. Enjoy.