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Advertiser (v1.1)



Sets the bot to display text at configured intervals.

Displays advertisements at fixed intervals. There are currently 3 different ways to get the advert shown:

  • ONJOIN - shows (as a notice) when someone joins the channel
  • TIMED - shows based on the timer setting
  • ONJOIN_TIMED - shows (as a notice) when someone joins AND based on the timer settings
  • RANDOM_TIMED - shows a random advert from the list based on the timer setting


The configuration file for this plugin is system/Advertiser/AdvertiserConfig.xml


  • id - unique (numerical) id for this advert
  • type - the type of advert: ONJOIN, TIMED, ONJOIN_TIMED, RANDOM_TIMED
  • channel - the channel to send the advert text to
  • timer - how often the advert will be sent (in seconds)
  • text(unless RANDOM_TIMED) - the advert text to send to the channel

      <advert id="1" type="TIMED" channel="#deaded" timer="3600" text="Hello World"/>

or if it is a RANDOM_TIMED advert type

      <advert id="1" type="RANDOM_TIMED" channel="#deaded" timer="3600"/>
        <text>Random Ad 1</text>
        <text>Random Ad 2</text>
        <text>Random Ad 3</text>



There are no user commands for this plugin at this time.

This plugin is currently controlled from the config file only, none of the command have been implemented yet.

Change History

v1.1 By DeadEd
v1.0 First Version by DeadEd