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PPF has had many people contribute in one way or another, from the users, the occassional person that drops by to ask a question (which can then be used to improve documentation), people making feature requests (so it has what people actually use), people supporting the project simply with a "thank you", even bug reports help (how else can a bug be fixed if it's not reported?). There are those that support the project by being active in the IRC channel, discussing ideas and even helping out other users, not to mention daring to test the latest versions :) Of course there are a number of people involved with coding the main core and the plugins as well.

The people behind this project


DeadEd started this project some time ago by merging a couple of single function bots into one and calling it BotEd. It then became a bit clearer that a plugin system was the way to go and that other people could maybe make use of it and then, with the help of some fellow jibblers, PPF - PircBot Plugin Framework was born. DeadEd has also written a number of the plugins too.


far2fish has created some of the plugins and been active in the direction that PPF has grown. He has also integrated the PPF bot with his CCCP Common Clan Portal project.


xkr47 has been with various aspects of PPF, from code problems to testing, helping with plugins, and even a comic strip for comicbot.


jawe, a java programmer, musician and online gamer from Austria, stumbled upon PPF through PircBot while looking for gaming related java IRC bots. Being attracted by the dynamic plugin system, he contributed 2 plugins and is now constantly kicking DeadEd to push PPF forward.


Jibbler created the PircBot IRC API that PPF uses. He has also created a plugin and helped out with some code issues. The PPF ComicBot plugin is a modified version of his ComicBot


tang^ wanted to have some fun one day and came up with the amusing eight ball plugin.


Cadoc had already been making some windows installer package for DeadEd for the MatchEd project, and very kindly offered his time for the same task for PPF as well. The result is the fantastic windows installation package.


Seeker has been running a PPF for as long as there has been one available. He has helped very much with the look of the site and is responsible for the cool link images.


EdorFaus has created some of the plugins, and submitted a few minor patches to other code.


Bananeweizen has created some of the plugins, and some improvements to the core code.


ChrisWell has created some of the plugins, and submitted a few minor patches to other code.


Aradon is a life long student and avid Java programmer. His contributions include creating plugins for PPF as well as annoying BotEd.

Dan Silfvast

Dan has created the Jaiku plugin and contributed to the TinyUrl plugin together with xkr47.


rizzo (a.k.a. Don Seiler) ported Jibbler's PieSpy pircbot add-on over to the PPF framework.

The Supporting Crew

These people have been supporting the project from the first version of PPF many moons ago ... Bob a.k.a. GuineaHog (due to taking everything half coded :), Cdr (and doc help), Mad_Bear (and favicon), Moon, DJCarlos, Sisu, DS, and other members of KsR..